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PG 13 at the Hook and Ladder_edited.jpg
PG-13 is a Peter Gabriel tribute band from Minneapolis/St. Paul

But it is much more than that.  It's not just imitation.​  It's a group of musicians that truly love Peter Gabriel's work and strive to honor his music with a meticulous attention to detail. 


The group was initially conceived by drummer/programmer Doug Christianson, keyboardist Dave Alstead, and vocalist Will Jacobsen.  The three have several musical influences that had shaped their music - but the one common thread between them, is the music of Peter Gabriel.  


The search was on for a bass player, guitar player, and female vocalist that shared their same passion.  Charles Fletcher (bass) and Dave Feily (guitar) were the perfect fit.  Charles brings the feel and sound of Tony Levin.  Dave Feily captures the esoteric beauty and sonic fullness of David Rhodes.  Jacy Smith (female vocal) has the voice of an angel. And if you've seen and heard Peter Gabriel's Secret World concert tour, Jacy is our Paula Cole.

Together, these six deliver a concert experience that is nothing less than genuine and authentically Peter Gabriel.


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